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Flatbush Cleanup

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

On May 15, 2022, the East Flatbush Development Corporation joined Council Member Rita Joseph, the Sanitation Foundation, Flatbush Community Association, and ACE for a neighborhood cleanup. Volunteers fanned out and tackled the corridor between Bedford and Nostrand Avenues along Snyder before heading over to the NYPL Flatbush Branch to plant flowers.

Members of ACE help with the community clean-up.

Alexandra Schmidbauer, founder of Flatbush Community Association, preparing a group of volunteers to plant flowers.

Staff of the Sanitation Foundation arrived early to set up and be ready to receive volunteers.

Kenyatta Leseur, and another community volunteer plant flowers near the NYPL Flatbush Branch on Linden Blvd.

Alexandra Schmidbauer, founder of Flatbush Community Association, orients volunteers around the blocks where the neighborhood clean up will take place.

The Sanitation Foundation provides all the the tools you need for a neighborhood clean-up event.

Joel Desouve, Director of Constituent Services for Rita Joseph, preparing for volunteers.

Volunteers and employees of the Sanitation Foundation assemble before receiving instructions.

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