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Flip Your Ballot Forum

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

The East Flatbush Community Development Corporation co-led efforts to coordinate the Flip Your Ballot Forum, on October 24, 2022 to inform the community about the four ballot proposals on the November 2022 ballot. EFCDC was joined panelists: Guaree Patel, NYC Votes, Harold Miller, NYC Racial Justice Commission, Jo-Ann Yoo, Racial Justice Commission, and Alia Soomro, NYC League of Conservation Voters. Other coordinating partners were: Jen Combopiano, Brooklyn Voters Alliance, Joan Bakiriddin, Chair, Civic Engagement Committee, Brooklyn NAACP, and Hassan Bakiriddin, President, Unified Political Association (UPA), and contributing partners East Flatbush Community Partnership, Elite Learners, Inc., the NYC League of Women Voters, and the Shirley Chisholm Democratic Club.

Hassan Bakiriddin, President, Unified Political Association (UPA), closes out the evening.

Jan Combopiano, Co-founder, and Executive Board Member, Brooklyn Voters Alliance, shares important information about absentee ballots.

Rona Taylor, Executive Director, East Flatbush Community Development Corporation, welcoming everyone to the evening's event.

Jo-Ann Yoo, Commissioner, NYC Racial Justice Commission, shares her reason for saying yes when asked to be on the Commission.

The Flip Your Ballot Forum was held at the Flatbush YMCA to inform community members about the upcoming ballot proposals.

Harold Miller, Executive Director, NYC Racial Justice Commission walks community members through the three ballot proposals being put forth by the Commission.

Alia Soomro, Deputy Director, New York City Policy, NY League of Conservation Voters, unpacks what is inside the 2022 Statewide Environmental Bond Act proposal.

Joan Bakirridin, chair of the Brooklyn NAACP, provides context about how proposals get on the ballot.

Guaree Patel, Senior Manager, Partnerships & Outreach, NYC Campaign Finance Board, walks through this election's voter guide.

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